Friday, March 14, 2008

Home Sweet Home

This is the woods behind our house.
Where the deer
and the bear
and the coyote play.
The kids used to, but they are all grown up.
The saying, "You can't see the forest for the trees"
was created here.

This is our neighbor's pond. He doesn't mind that
old arthritic dogs swim in it on hot summer days.
Ken and Pearl are the salt of the earth.
Notice how the mountains go on and on.
It is winter right now. It is cold. White.
But spring is coming.
(Yes, Mikey, I know. You want to see winter. I'll get to it)


Hal Johnson said...

It looks like you're blessed with a beautiful place to live.

Pencil Writer said...

Wow! Looks so lush and green--peaceful! Love the green. We have lots of forresty places around here, too! The pond seems so very peaceful.

Mike said...


Angie said...

I noticed your comment on PW and wantd to tell you that she didn't remove the links to people's pages(that's how I got here.) She just changed the color of the font so it isn't as noticeable. :) Thought I would drop by and let you know.

debby said...

Thanks Angie!

Everyone else: yes, it is lovely, and I count my blessings pretty much everyday. Even when it snows.
BB, Jeanie, a: Take a look. All that green and no snakes hanging from trees. No goannas running around to mistake people for trees. Just wanted to point that out. :^D

jeanie said...

huh - didn't you mention "bears" in there?

Cause I dunno, snakes will keep away from you if they can, and goannas will keep the snakes away if they can - whereas bears LIKE what humans offer!

Mind you, it does look lovely.

debby said...


Bears: big furry, nonaggressive creatures. Will amble in my yard, and amble out again as soon as they are confronted. Have unnatural attachment to my compost heap, bird feeders, and garbage cans. Have unnatural fear of Buck the amazing wonder dog. I let him out, they run away. Bears have never mistaken me for a tree. They do not lurk about in trees. Yeah. I'll take the bears anyday.