Monday, March 3, 2008

A frickin' elephant

A young reader was avidly reading his book of animals. Suddenly he says, in great excitement, "Look, mommy! It's a frickin' elephant."
The horrified mother takes a deep breath and says, "What did you just say?"
And the boy looks at her and says, "It's a frickin' elephant."
Mommy says, "We don't talk like that in our house."
The little boy looks confused and says, "But it says so, right here in my book."
And he was right.
There it was in print.
A frican elephant.


A said...

I had a similar experience with Miss 2 in the supermarket... A man was muttering to himself (reading his shopping list) and she pointed to him excitedly saying "Tard! Tard!".
The disability educator in me had a heart attack. We don't refer to a person as a retard - they are people first, who happen to have a disability.
Then I saw the pack of cards she was actually pointing to...

Mary Paddock said...

One of my friends came to me a few years ago, reporting with some concern that, in response to his teasing him and swinging him around by his anles, my three year old son had threatened to "kill his wife". I was alarmed because a) this was not in this kid's nature at all. and b) we don't make statements like that in this house, even playing.

So I talked to him and his older brothers who'd been on the scene. He was upset and insisted he would never say something "terwible" like that. His brothers laughed outloud. "No, Mom, what he said was 'If you don't stop, I'm going to tell your wife'. You know how he's always getting his Cs and Ts confused."

PaintedPromise said...

OMG that was so funny... i almost fell off my chair! we hve such an issue around here with the teens, using "frickin"... oh my, i'm still wiping the tears from my eyes and my stomach hurts from laughing so hard right after dinner!

jeanie said...

Very good.

My friend's son used to be obsessed with trucks. Only he couldn't say "tr" - and would say "f" instead.

debby said...

Oh, your comments were hilarious, everyone.

There was a clergyman's son who also loved trucks. He also could not say 'tr'. He also said, 'f'. I don't know how long this trial lasted, but I am sure that reminding the pastor that 'we all have our crosses to bear' did not make it easier to endure.