Saturday, March 8, 2008


I was driving in my car. I was listening, on that day, to classic rock. I heard Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. They were singing 'From the Beginning'. 'Trilogy' was one of the first albums I'd ever purchased. And so I was driving down the road, radio blaring, singing 'It's aaaaaaallllllll clear, you were meant to be here, from the beginning....' Is there anything more wonderful
than that? Singing a memory?
Anyhow, I was watching PBS a couple days later. They had old rock and roll performed by the original bands. The musicians have not aged nearly as well as their music, for the most part. The music was fine, but the bands...good gravy, there was a musician who looked like my grandpa, and I had a hard time picturing my grandpa cavorting wildly with a guitar. And they kept panning across the audience. Gray hair, wrinkles, and thick waistlines abounded.
I remember album covers. I remember different faces from the grizzled rockers in front of me now. I can't bring myself to say what is running through my mind over and over again.
"This is just weird."
And the reason I can't bring myself to make one comment is simple. Were there people driving past a silver Intrigue a couple of days ago watching me singing and jiving to
Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, thinking
"Man. Look at that old gal rocking out...that is just weird!"
So I shut my eyes, listen to the music, and keep my thoughts to myself. Cara walked into the room. She's lately become a classic rock fan herself, so the music stopped her, and she stared fixedly at the TV.
"Man," she said, "That is just weird."
Rotten kid.


Mike said...

Gray hair is just a difference of opinion between your interior reality and its outward manifestation.

debby said...

Way to put it all in perspective. Sometimes I forget and start thinking that it is important! :^D