Saturday, February 23, 2008

Post Script

Just pointing out that it is 10:35 AM. I am feeling quite perky, paper read, coffee drunk. Is this a verb, past tense, meaning that the coffee is ingested? Or is this a noun, meaning I'm drunk on coffee and the resulting caffeine buzz has made me cheerful? Either one works. I'm in the middle of housework, bed made, laundry running, lunch in the oven. Dog has lost his wounded look. Tim is long gone, down at the new house with my brother-in-law ripping out old so that we can put in new. Strange thing is that now I'm wide awake, and ready for conversation. I've mentioned that Tim is a quiet man. Now that it is 10:35 AM, he's probably reverted to his normal quiet nature.
Biorhythms are a strange thing.

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