Friday, February 15, 2008

Love Story

I never planned on remarrying. I actually had planned for just the opposite. However, then came Tim. Steady Tim. Slow talking Tim. Ain't going nowhere Tim. Next thing you know, we were getting married. I'm not really sure quite how it came to be. It was sort of a progression. He was always inviting me to be his 'Scandia woman'. I usually didn't have much to say back. One day,
one especially close and friendly day,
one of those days when you find yourself thinking,
'Well, maybe...."
Tim asked again.
It was nearly Christmas.
I love Christmas.
Sometimes I get carried away at Christmas.
I looked at him and I said, "Okay."
(looooooooooong pause)
Tim turned to look at me and said, "What did you say?"
"Um. Okay?"
I grinned to show that it was okay, I didn't really mean it, but just like that, suddenly, Tim was getting ready to go home.
After he was gone, I sat in an empty house waiting for the kids to start coming home from school. He had been claiming that he wanted marriage for a while. I laughed a little to think how quick he cut out.
I figured he got scared.
If he ever came back, I could guarantee there'd be
no more talk of marriage.
Although we had plans for that night, I was still surprised that he came back. Acted pretty much the same as always. He did not mention marriage. Later on that night, at a family Christmas party, quiet Tim cleared his throat and said, "Debby and me decided to get married." My family didn't know what to make of the shocked look on my face. He gave me a hug. ."
He'd rushed off earlier because we had a party that night and he's got a big family.
Calling them all would take a while.
"Oh, and everyone said congratulations and they're really happy for us." he reported.
He'd always seemed to be such a quiet man.


PaintedPromise said...

aawww happy tears! i'm so glad you found a good man. guess i don't have the only one after all. i've met so many bad ones i didn't think there were any good ones left! i was with you, i was NEVER getting married again, NEVER, NO WAY, NO HOW!!! Randy and i were "just friends"... both badly burned and not wanting to risk it again. then he called one day and said he wanted to talk about "changing the rules" (yes we had RULES for our friendship, we were that wary).

i'm so happy for you :)

jeanie said...

ahahaha - I love your final superb understatement "He'd always seemed to be such a quiet man."

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Congratulations!!! So wonderful... I can attest that the strong silent types are the ones that MEAN it when they talk (or commit). He sounds like a keeper to me... be happy and enjoy your moment (and future) together.
Bush Babe

debby said...

Coming up on 10 years now. It's 'keeping' pretty well I think.