Monday, February 11, 2008

Free Rice

If you wander over to he has a post from a couple of days ago. 'The Power of a Picture' or words to that effect. There is a picture of a starving child that makes your heart hurt. I wish that picture really did have magical properties, the power to make every person outside the third world immediately sponsor a child.
My child is named Badani.
If you go to there is a game. It claims to donate rice via the auspices of the UN. Not my favorite organization, but what the hey, it's free. I've not been able to find any evidence that this site is not just what it claims to be. Maybe I just want to believe that I'm doing something useful in my spare time. So I try to donate rice every day.
And the next time I play Scrabble, I've a notion that I'll be kicking someone's butt.


Scotty said...

Thanks for the mention, Debby, and as for a counter, I just went here, signed up, then followed the links to making one's own counter...


Mike said...

Yes. That hurts.