Monday, February 18, 2008

Fairy Tales

Oh, everybody, I got to hold a baby yesterday. Rachel Morgan. She was born on February 1st. Such a wee little bean. Her mama sat there watching as I exclaimed over her teeny tiny toes, and her teeny tiny nose, and her teeny tiny fingers, etc. I really could have done that all day. The only thing that kept me away was that the first weekend they were home, I had the flu. The second weekend they were home, we had another wallapalooser of a snow storm. I was getting a little frustrated. I wanted to get my hands on that baby before she was walking. She'll still have lots of cute left over at that point, I'm sure, but there is something about holding a newborn and the way that they just snuggle right into to you, a perfect fit.
My sister and I took meals along. Homemade pizza, stuffed manicotti, a ribeye roast cooked with mushrooms, carrots, potatoes, and a package of tilapia fillets and side dishes to go with that. The new parents are having some hard times. 'Daddy' lost his job a year ago, and hasn't found another. He has explained it over and over to anyone that will listen. He will not accept a job that pays less than $10. per hour. He also has some pretty strong ideas about what kind of a job he has to have. Oh, and I almost forgot about his problem with authority. He can only work for a certain kind of boss. I take this to mean a boss who understands that HE's really in charge.
I watch my niece's face as she quietly listens to her husband. This is a woman who has everything that she wants. She likes her job, although she was hoping to take more time off to be with that new baby. She understands that she can't, and it is already breaking her heart. She listens to Prince Charming list his excuses once again. I can see that she's just beginning to fear that in her particular fairy tale, there will not be a happily ever after.
The baby snuggles in close to an auntie who is doing some serious struggling to keep her mouth shut. I can, and did, work any and all jobs to keep my family together during the hard times. I was a janitor at Tim's machine shop when we met. He said that he loved me right away because I was the hardest working woman that he ever saw. To a quiet German guy there is no higher praise than that. I'm plain spoken. I wanted to look Prince Charming in the eye and say, "See this baby? See this little nose and these little toes? How can anything on your list be more important than taking care of this baby?
Get off your fat ass, daddy. Any old job is better than nothing."
I manage to keep my mouth shut. My sister and Tim and I leave that little house, sad for our niece but recognizing that she is a grown woman now. A mother. She will have to work this situation out with her husband. But I hope that she realizes this: The ending is hers to choose. She has a family who loves her. She will go through rough times but in the end, when the dust settles, she WILL live happily ever after. Even without Prince Charming.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Methinks Prince Charming may be a bit scared... perhaps the wee bairn may jolt him from his current approach. Reality bites, as does a newborn baby (esp when they don't sleep). Work may seem like a good option eventually!!!
Keep smiling for your niece and wish her much joy as a mother. It's a tough gig but an awesome one.

debby said...

Now, there's a kind way to look at it. And motherhood is the best gig of all.