Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big Words

One of my job duties is to attend our board meetings. Last night, one of the items on our agenda was "What shall we call the new building?" Up to this point, we've been referring to it as the Hatch Run Conservation Education Center. Some felt that was quite a mouthful, and were pushing for something short that would roll off the tongue easily.
One of our farmers said, "Well, if you're worried about whether a long name is going to stick in people's minds, let me tell you a story." He proceeds to tell us about the time that a gaggle of first graders came to visit his farm. They were enthralled with all the animals. When they got to the pig barn, the kids burst in and made a dash straight for the big boar hog at the back of the building. Peering through the fence, he heard one voice say, "What is that hanging down there?" Pretty soon the cry was taken up by the whole group. At a total loss, he turned to their pretty teacher who smiled sweetly and said, "Hey, this is YOUR tour." So he gave an embarrassed cough and said, "Those are the male reproductive organs of a pig." His desperate thought was that they'd be satisfied with the answer even though they wouldn't have a clue what it meant, and they'd promptly forget about all of this on the way to visit the chickens. At the end of the tour, can you guess what the children were responding when asked what their favorite part of the tour was? One after another, they said, with great excitement, "We got to see the male reproductive organs of a pig."
Based on his wisdom, the name of the new building remains "The Hatch Run Conservation Education Center".

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Mike said...

That's a great story!

Every day is full of stories. There was a time when I could not hear them. Now there are too many to write down.

You seem to 'get' that.