Tuesday, January 8, 2008


This is where I call home. Not the rock. See the mountain in the background? I live at the top of that mountain, in Northwest Pennsylvania.
I was born in this part of the country. I couldn't wait to see Pennsylvania in my rearview mirror. When I left, I was very happy.
I joined the military and kicked around the world for several years. I got to see places and live in places that I never thought that I would. Hawaii, Korea, Mexico, Texas, Washington DC metro area, upstate New York. I was very happy.
I left the military to raise a family. I lived in Michigan for 6 or 7 years. I liked Michigan. I enjoyed being a mom. I expected to be in Michigan for all my days. However, life does not always work the way you expected.
My children and I left Michigan and came right back to where I started. My plan was to raise my kids, and then live out my life in a nice little house with a garden, and books and the stray cats that invariably found me, irregardless of where I was living. I would be happy.
However, life does not always work the way you expect.
I met a man. Tim was very quiet. He was very polite and respectful. He was one month to the day older than me. He was much impressed with the fact that I went to church every Sunday. Turns out that Tim had a prayer. Tim prayed to meet a Godly woman his own age. Tim thought that his prayers had been answered.
I explained quite firmly to Tim that I was not getting married. Ever.
However, things do not always work out like you expect.
We'll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary.
And you know what? I am very happy.


Mikey said...

Good heavens!!! Look at all those TREES!!!
You weren't kiddin when you said you lived in the woods. I think I'd forgotten what woods look like.....

PaintedPromise said...

you sound like me - i was NEVER getting married again - NEVER!

Randy and i will have our 8th anniversary this May and every day i say THANK YOU GOD for giving me this good man!

i'm happy for you!

Hal Johnson said...

I loved this.