Thursday, January 10, 2008


My very favorite time of the day is first thing in the morning, when I'm the only one up. I make myself a cup of cappucino. I love my espresso machine. It is like my second favorite appliance, after my Kitchen Aid mixer. Well, Maybe third. I really like my gas stove. Of course, without a refrigerator, I'd be screwed. So maybe the espresso machine is only 4th on the list, even 5th, if you count the crock pot. (Takes another sip of coffee). No. It's first. The espresso machine is number one.
When you have a blog, what do you write about if you have a boring life? Really?


Mikey said...

Creative writers block. Look back, and tell us a bit about living in Korea, or the old books and antiques you love. Where's/what's your passion?
You know somewhere, I have an old 1880's Farmers Almanac my dad picked up at the local landfill. 1880's, in the dump. It's fascinating!
So quit stalling, and write.

debby said...

LOL...gees, Mikey, go ride a horse!

WADE!!!!!! You got my sympathies, friend!

Have a good night you two!